15 Best Lilo & Stitch Quotes (2023)

Disney's is a movie that's all about ohana (family) and whether it's from Lilo (Daveigh Chase), Stitch (Chris Sanders), Nani (Tia Carrere), Bubbles (Ving Rhames), David (Jason Scott Lee), or even more villainous characters like Dr. Jumba Jookiba (David Ogden Stiers), the dialogue is always giving some interesting insights into the idea of family. The best quotes from Lilo & Stitch are impactful for all members of the family, young or old, and each of them deserves to be noted and remembered.

Though there would be many great Lilo quotes and Stitch quotes in the three TV series and three direct-to-video sequels that sprang out of the original movie, the classic Lilo & Stitch quotes from the first film are counted among the all-time great animated Disney movie quotes. The story's status as one of Disney's most beloved has been proven by the development of a , making it the most recent of Disney's hand-drawn animated films that have been slated to receive the treatment yet.


"Ohana Means Family. Family Means Nobody Gets Left Behind Or Forgotten."

Various Lilo & Stitch Characters

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When it comes to Lilo & Stitch, there's no doubt that this is the most iconic quote, with this actually being one of the most memorable lines of any Disney movie. This Lilo & Stitch quote is a very heartfelt one, as it's all about not leaving others behind and the true importance of family sticking together. It's something that connects with a lot of people and the emotional delivery given by any of the numerous characters throughout the movie that say this line helps to make it the film's most heartfelt.

“This Is My Family. I Found It, All On My Own. It’s Little And Broken, But Still Good. Yeah. Still Good.”


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While Disney's classic Ohana line is the one most fans know from this movie, this quote from Stitch himself carries as much emotional weight. Because he's an alien who primarily causes nothing but destruction, hearing Stitch talk in this way really shows the influence that Lilo and Nani have had on him. Stitch learns to appreciate the value of family more than any character within the movie, and when he accepts their flaws as well as his own, letting their love into his heart, it's a tear-jerking moment.

"Our Family's Little Now, And We Don't Have Many Toys."

Lilo Pelekai

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"Our family's little now, and we don't have many toys... But if you want, you could be a part of it. You could be our baby, and we'd raise you to be good."

Lilo has to accept a lot of hard truths throughout the movie about the position that her family is in now, and she knows that it's only small and isn't perfect. However, when she explains the situation to Stitch, it's a heartbreakingly sincere and innocent appeal. She opens up about the fact that they don't have much, which is because Nani is working hard just to keep them in their home. However, she still welcomes Stitch and invites him to be in the family, which is overwhelmingly sweet.

"Can Stitch Say Goodbye?"


15 Best Lilo & Stitch Quotes (4)

While Stitch does cause Nani and Lilo a lot of problems throughout the movie, by the end, he proves himself to be the ultimate pet and someone that both the sisters love dearly. They want to keep him, and he wants to stay, but the Grand Councilwoman (Zoe Caldwell) plans to take him away.

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It seems like the two lead characters are set to be ripped apart, which is incredibly emotional in itself. However, when Stitch asks about saying goodbye, it demonstrates that the glimmer of something that the Grand Councilwoman had been searching for at the beginning of the movie before sentencing Stitch to exile was there after all. The fact that he's well-behaved, respectful, and considerate begins to convince her that Stitch has a genuine friendship with Lilo and that he can stay on Earth and be happy.

"Don't Run. Don't Make Me Shoot You. You Were Expensive."

Dr. Jumba Jookiba

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Another of Jumba's perfectly delivered lines of villainous comedy is one that he gives to Stitch after he gets the drop on him. Considering that it's just been a very sad time for Stitch, the audience is hoping for a little sympathy from Stitch's creator, but Jumba makes sure to emphasize that all he cares about is how much money he's invested in Stitch, a classic bad dad trait. Still, voice actor David Ogden Stiers as Jumba delivers the line with such impeccable comedic timing, without even stressing it for laughs, that it's hard not to laugh, showing just how effortlessly the movie slips between emotional moments and comedic ones.

"And You Like Me Better As A Sister Than A Rabbit, Right?"

Lilo Pelekai

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The relationship between Lilo and Nani is the most emotional part of Lilo & Stitch. It's a unique bond that makes Lilo and Nani one of the best sister duos in movies, with Nani doing her best by Lilo, while also dealing with the fact their parents are gone. This leads to them having a lot of fights, as Lilo doesn't make things any easier. During one hilarious argument, Nani yells that she might get a rabbit instead of Lilo as it would be quieter and better behaved. However, when things calm down, Lilo asks this cute and heartfelt question, just reassuring herself about how much Nani truly cares.

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"Created Something? Ha! But That Would Be Irresponsible And Unethical. I Would Never, Ever, Make More Than One."

Dr. Jumba Jookiba

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Stitch's creator, the delightfully diabolical Dr. Jumba Jookiba, has some of the best quotes in Lilo & Stitch, not to mention some of the funniest also. When he's introduced in the movie, he's been captured and put on trial for his illegal Stitch-like monster experiments but he denies any wrongdoing. As he tries to talk his way out of the situation by saying that he would never actually create something, Stitch is brought in and revealed with perfect comedic timing, leaving Jumba finishing his sentence with a hilarious addition that he wouldn't make more than one.


"His Destructive Programming Is Taking Effect. He Will Be Irresistibly Drawn To Large Cities Where He Will Back Up Sewers, Reverse Street Signs, And Steal Everyone's Left Shoe."

Dr. Jumba Jookiba

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An often overlooked family dynamic from Lilo & Stitch–that is just as interesting as the others–is the one between Stitch and his creator, Jumba. Just about everyone other than Lilo is immediately terrified of Stitch throughout the movie and Jumba mistreats him too, but Jumba is also the only person who truly understands the extent of Stitch's villainous impulses.

Jumba is a weird and maniacal guy himself, and he clearly put a lot of his own characteristics into Stitch. So, when he knows Stitch's programming so well that he knows that Stitch will steal everyone's left shoe, it demonstrates the quirky bond that the two have. It's also another brilliantly well-delivered Lilo & Stitch line too, building up Stitch as a monster but reminding the audience that he's oddly funny too.

"I Prefer To Be Called 'Evil Genius'!"

Dr. Jumba Jookiba

15 Best Lilo & Stitch Quotes (9)

Another aspect of Jumba that's often overlooked is that he is, in many ways, technically a villain in a lot of the story yet doesn't meet any of the typical villain fates seen in Disney movies. He's redeemed by the end in a similar way to Stitch and sticks around to become a part of Lilo's new family, being a mainstay character in the sequel movies and the series.

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It's a big turn around from his introduction in the movie's big sci-fi opening, where he's sent down to prison as he screams that he actually enjoys being called an evil genius. However, Jumba is always amusing as an antagonistic force, his design is too cuddly for him to be scary, and he's one of the more likable Lilo & Stitch characters, even in his most dastardly moments.

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"Hello? Cobra Bubbles? Aliens Are Attacking My House."

Lilo Pelekai

15 Best Lilo & Stitch Quotes (10)

One of is the tough-but-fair social worker Cobra Bubbles. When he and Lilo first meet, he gives her a card and tells her to call him the next time she's left at home without supervision. So Lilo, following his advice, calls Cobra Bubbles when Nani leaves to secure a job and Jumba attacks her house to get Stitch. Thanks to Bubbles' odd name, this sentence is just funny by itself, but it's Lilo's characteristic matter-of-fact tone that sells it as one of Lilo & Stitch's best quotes, with Lilo joyously giving the also-brilliant follow-up line "Oh good, my dog found the chainsaw."

"If I Give Pudge Tuna, I'd Be An Abomination!"

Lilo Pelekai

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This and impassioned at the same time, which really sums up Lilo's personality. It comes after she explains that she was late to her dance practice because she was giving a fish named Pudge a peanut butter sandwich as she believes that he controls the weather.

With no peanut butter in the house, Nani had initially suggested giving him a tuna sandwich, the idea of which makes Lilo yell out this memorable quote. Lilo speaks in a really mature manner here, dropping in the word abomination, which is very unexpected. But even though this quote showcases the comedic tone of this movie, it also shows what a kind and caring character Lilo is at the same time.

"I Know That's Why You Wreck Things And Push Me."

Lilo Pelekai

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When Lilo explains the death of her parents to Stitch, she shows incredible maturity which really helps to make her come off as a well-rounded character. She turns the subject over to Stitch and asks if he lost his parents, revealing she hears him crying at night, which she thinks is why he's so angry. It's a really heartfelt and clever moment for several reasons. It shows that people act out in this manner when things are going wrong, and while Lilo projects this onto Stitch, it is also her own way of admitting that's why she behaves so erratically and disrespectfully toward Nani at times.

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"We're Sisters. It's Our Job."

Lilo Pelekai

15 Best Lilo & Stitch Quotes (13)

Part of what makes Lilo and Nani arguably Disney's best sisters is that they grow together. During one emotional scene in Lilo & Stitch, the two of them have a real heart-to-heart in order to repair things. They discuss whether they fit the definition of a broken family, and Nani says sorry for shouting at her. However, Lilo cheers her up by making it clear that it's their job to fallout, as they're sisters and it's what they should do. Their relationship dynamic is unique but it isn't clear-cut and Nani clearly needs Lilo in her life as much as Lilo needs her.

"It's Me Again. I Need Someone To Be My Friend. Someone Who Won't Run Away."

Lilo Pelekai

15 Best Lilo & Stitch Quotes (14)

Prior to getting Stitch, Lilo has really hit a low point which leads to her literally praying for a friend. It's an emotional scene that showcases how lonely she is, especially since Nani is now acting more as her parent, rather than her sister. It's a heart-wrenching scene, and it adds real emotional stakes to the entire relationship between Lilo and Stitch because she is simply desperate for a friend to help her grieve and get over this tough spot in her life.

"I'll Remember You Though. I Remember Everyone That Leaves."

Lilo Pelekai

15 Best Lilo & Stitch Quotes (15)

It's impossible not to feel emotional when Lilo delivers this line to Stitch, especially considering she is looking at a picture of her parents as she delivers it. When Stitch is considering leaving, Lilo speaks openly with him, clearly upset about him possibly going, yet also accepting that it could happen. The quote really hits home just how much she has lost in her early youth, with her having lost both of her parents. She desperately doesn't want to lose anyone else, and the audience begins to feel that desperation too, as well as the conflict that's brewing inside Stitch, making him a more fleshed-out character too.

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