2023 Garbage Disposal Installation Cost (2023)

2023 Garbage Disposal Installation Cost (1)

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Average garbage disposal installation cost

Garbage disposal installation costs $250 to $650 total for new retrofits. The average cost to replace a garbage disposal is $200 to $550 with existing connections. Labor costs to replace a garbage disposal are $100 to $250. A new garbage disposal costs $100 to $300.

Garbage disposal installation cost
Project Average total cost installed
Install new garbage disposal $250 – $650
Replace an existing garbage disposal $200 – $550
Install a new kitchen sink $380 – $1,400
Install a new kitchen faucet $200 – $600

*Cost data is from research and project costs reported by HomeGuide members.

Cost factors to install a garbage disposal

Garbage disposal replacement costs $200 to $550 on average. Replacement prices include removing the old unit, mounting the new unit, connecting drains and electrical lines, testing the unit, and cleanup.

Cost to replace garbage disposal
Job details Average cost
Labor of removing old unit $25 – $50
New garbage disposal unit $100 – $300
Installation labor $75 – $200
Total cost to replace $200 – $550

Cost factors to install a garbage disposal include:

  • New unit – The unit cost depends on the size, type, and brand.

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  • Old unit removal – Hard-to-access and corroded units take longer to remove, increasing labor time.

  • Labor – Local labor rates and the installer’s skill level affect the replacement labor cost.

  • Electrical – The cost to install an electrical outlet $150 to $350.

  • Piping – Replacing sink drain pipes costs $100 to $350 for any necessary modifications or repairs during installation.

  • Retrofitting a disposal – Putting in a new garbage disposal unit where none existed is the most expensive installation. Extra fees apply for counter modifications, plus new electrical and plumbing extensions.

  • Accessories – Adding features like a push-button system, sink flange, or baffle increases overall costs.

  • Warranty – Installers and manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for an added cost.

  • Permits – An electrical permit costs $50 to $350 for adding a new outlet or wiring upgrades for the disposal. A plumbing permit costs $30 to $500 when installing pipes in a location where none existed before.

  • Old homes – Extra costs apply for upgrading old connections to meet new building code standards.

Plumber vs. handyman labor cost to replace a garbage disposal

The labor cost to replace a garbage disposal is $100 to $250 on average, depending on who does the replacement.

2023 Garbage Disposal Installation Cost (2)
Labor cost to replace garbage disposal
Pro type Labor cost to replace
Handyman $80 – $160
Plumber $100 – $250

*Based on 2 hours of labor with ideal working conditions.

  • Plumber rates are $45 to $150 per hour.

  • An electrician costs $40 to $100 per hour.

  • Handyman prices are $50 to $80 per hour.

Home Depot vs. Lowe’s garbage disposal installation cost

The Home Depot and Lowe’s charge $120 to $200 to install a garbage disposal unit. These prices are for replacements with favorable site conditions. Modifying or adding plumbing piping and electrical work cost extra.

Home Depot vs. Lowe’s garbage disposal installation cost
StoreLabor cost to replace
Home Depot$120 – $150
Lowe’s$150 – $200

*Prices excluding the cost of a new garbage disposal unit.

Accessories and supplies cost for disposal

The following table shows supplies and accessories to upgrade a garbage disposal:

Garbage disposal accessories and supplies cost
AccessoryAverage costDescription
Dishwasher connector kit$5 – $10
  • Connects dishwasher drain to garbage disposal
  • Helps prevent clogs
Push-button system$50 – $100
  • Alternative to a wall switch
  • Mounts to sink or countertop
  • Comes as a complete kit
Baffle / mounting gasket$10 – $15
  • Muffles disposer noise
  • Prevents water & food from splashing up
  • Inhibits bacteria growth
  • Easy to install
Septic-assist cartridge replacement enzymes$15 – $20
  • Refills septic-solution dispenser cartridges for septic-assist garbage disposals
  • Breaks down food waste faster to prevent septic-tank clogs
  • Prevents odors
Sink flange$20 – $50
  • Seals the connection between the sink basin & disposal
  • Comes in many styles & colors
  • Removable basket strainer optional
Power cord accessory kit$10 – $15
  • Replaces an old cable
  • Use when a hard-wired connection isn’t available

Removing an old garbage disposal

The cost to remove a garbage disposal is $25 to $50 while replacing the unit or $125 to $350 for permanent removals. Most contractors include removal fees in the replacement labor. Permanent removals require a new basket strainer and draining pipes in the sink.

Cost to install kitchen sink, faucet, & garbage disposal

The cost to install a new kitchen sink, faucet, and garbage disposal is $780 to $2,550 on average, including all materials and labor. This price includes fixture replacements only using existing pipes without adding any new connections.

Cost to install a kitchen sink, faucet, and garbage disposal
Fixture replacement serviceAverage cost installed
Kitchen sink$380 – $1,400
New faucet$200 – $600
Garbage disposal$200 – $550
Total installed cost$780 – $2,550
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Individual costs include:

  • The cost to replace a kitchen sink is $380 to $1,400.

  • The cost to replace a kitchen faucet is $200 to $600.

New garbage disposal prices

A new garbage disposal unit costs $100 to $300 on average. The average household needs a garbage disposal with a 1/2 to 3/4 horsepower motor.

New garbage disposal prices by size
Motor size (horsepower)Price range
1/3$75 – $125
1/2$100 – $150
3/4$125 – $300
1.0$175 – $400

*Prices excluding installation.

Cost factors include:

  • Motor size – Larger motor sizes handle more food waste, are quieter, and last longer, but cost more. Commercial sizes have motors from 1 to 3 HP.

  • Brand – High-end brands like InSinkErator and KitchenAid cost most but come with the longest warranties and the most features.

  • Grind-chamber capacity – Disposal units with 22-oz. to 26-oz. chambers are cheaper and only grind small amounts at a time.

  • Features – Models with quieter operation, anti-jamming sensors, and overload protection are the most expensive.

  • Feed type – Continuous-feed models are the cheapest and most common. Batch-feed units are safer but cost more and grind slower.

  • Material – Aluminum units are cheapest but corrode over time. Stainless steel models offer better long-term durability.

Garbage disposal prices by brand

The following table shows prices of garbage disposals by brand and motor size. The price of a garbage disposal also depends on the quality of the materials and whether it grinds in batches or continuously.

Garbage disposal prices by brand
Brand1/3 HP motor1/2 HP motor>3/4 HP motor1 HP motor
InSinkErator$100 –$130$110 –$240$140 –$400$220 –$550
GE$110 –$130$120 –$200$180 –$300$240 –$300
Everbilt$80 –$90$100 –$120$120 –$150N/A
Waste King$60 –$130$65 –$175$100 –$300$115 –$180
MOEN$80 –$110$110 –$120$140 –$200$215 –$260
KitchenAidN/A$225 – $250$300 –$400$500 –$650

*Prices excluding installation.

Continuous vs. batch-feed garbage disposal prices

The following table shows the differences between continuous and batch-feed garbage disposals:

Continuous vs. batch feed garbage disposal prices
Feed typeUnit price rangeDifferences
Continuous $75 – $300
  • Requires a separate electric switch
  • Runs constantly
  • Most common type
  • Best for large amounts of waste
  • Safety risk for fingers or utensils
Batch $200 – $350
  • No electric outlet or switch needed
  • Only grinds waste when the drain cover is on
  • Smaller selection of models
  • Ideal for smaller food-waste amounts
  • No safety risk during operation due to the cover protection while grinding
  • Can’t run without the cover-switch on top

*For motor sizes of 1/2 to 3/4 horsepower, excluding installation.

Cost to replace vs. fix a garbage disposal

Garbage disposal repair costs $100 to $250 while a replacement costs $200 to $550 on average. Replacing a disposal is more cost-effective when repairs cost more than half of the replacement price, or if a disposal is more than 8 years old.

Cost to replace vs. fix a garbage disposal
ServiceAverage cost installed
Repair$100 – $250
Replace$200 – $550

Garbage disposal FAQs

What size garbage disposal do I need?

The best-size garbage disposal typically has 1/2 to 3/4 horsepower, which is enough for most average family needs. However, the motor size depends on the total usage frequency.

Garbage disposal size table
Unit sizeHousehold size and usage
  • 1 – 2 people household or studio apartment
  • Infrequent & short-term use
  • Small amounts of food waste
  • 2 – 3 people household
  • Consistent use
  • Small to average amounts of food waste
  • 3 – 5 people household
  • Daily usage
  • Average amounts of soft or hard food waste
  • 5 – 8 people household
  • Daily usage
  • Large amounts of all food-waste types
  • Common in commercial kitchens
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How long does it take to replace a garbage disposal?

Replacing a garbage disposal takes 1 to 3 hours on average. Installing a new garbage disposal where none existed takes 2 to 4 hours or more, depending on the piping, electrical, or counter modifications needed.

How long does a garbage disposal last?

The average garbage disposal lifespan is 8 to 12 years. Most units have warranties that last 3 to 10 years. A high-quality disposal installed professionally according to manufacturer guidelines has the longest lifespan.

Garbage disposals need this maintenance to last longer:

  • Run cold water while the disposal is grinding.

  • Keep the disposal running for an extra minute after grinding waste.

  • Turn on the garbage disposal at least once daily.

  • Clean it by grinding ice cubes with a cup of rock salt in it every 2 weeks.

  • Flush it out once a month by pouring 0.5 cup baking soda and 1.0 cup of vinegar inside, followed by boiling water.

What are signs the garbage disposal needs to be replaced?

Signs the garbage disposal needs replacing includes:

  • Failure to turn on

  • Abnormal noises

  • Frequent resets

  • Delayed operation

  • Persistent bad smells

  • Water leaks

  • Recurring clogs

  • Blades that don’t grind food waste

  • Disposal leaks under the sink

Who can install or replace a garbage disposal?

A plumber, appliance installer, or handyman installs a garbage disposal. An electrician adds a new outlet, circuits, and wiring extensions for installations where no disposal existed before.

Can you have a garbage disposal with a septic tank?

You can have a garbage disposal with a septic tank, but plumbers advise against it. Extra restrictions apply on what to put in the disposal that won’t disrupt the septic-tank system. Potential issues include sewage clogging, frequent septic-tank inspections, and pump-outs.

Some manufactures sell garbage disposal systems with built-in chemicals to help dissolve food waste. However, too many strong chemicals hurt the septic-tank’s ecosystem and pollute the groundwater.

Can I replace my garbage disposal myself?

You can replace a garbage disposal yourself when installing the same size unit with existing wiring and pipes in good condition. Hire a professional when changing the model type, moving the unit to a new location, or when electrical or plumbing work is necessary.

What not to put in a garbage disposal

Don’t put these items in a garbage disposal:

  • Coffee grounds

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  • Animal bones

  • Hard foods

  • Dry and expandable foods

  • Grease, oils, and fats

  • Nuts, seeds, pits, and shells

  • Onions layers and potato peels

  • Large food quantities

  • Non-food items like cleaning chemicals and trash

These things damage the grinder and clog pipes. Always run cold water through the disposal during operation to help prevent clogs.

Getting estimates from garbage disposal installers

Before hiring a garbage disposal installation company near you, be sure to:

  • Compare multiple price estimates from experienced installers.

  • Ask for proof of plumbing certification or other local training.

  • Verify that the company has licenses, insurance, and surety bonds.

  • Read their reviews on HomeGuide and Google.

  • Collect copies of the detailed estimate, contract, and warranties.

  • Beware of the lowest bids that often result in poor-quality work.

  • Never give a full payment before work begins.

Questions to ask

  • How many garbage disposals have you installed, and which types?

  • Which size garbage-disposal motor do you recommend for my sink type?

  • How much extra would it cost to install a disposal switch on the countertop?

  • Is a batch-feed or a continuous-feed garbage disposal better for my home?

  • Will you need to install a new outlet for this unit?

  • Do you know all the local building code requirements for disposal installs?

  • Can you install a wireless switch for the unit?

  • Which unit has the most extra features like sound reduction?

    (Video) What does it cost to replace a garbage disposal?

  • Does this estimate include all materials, labor, and cleanup fees?

  • How long is the warranty for this unit?

  • Do you offer a labor guarantee?


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