Is Kyani a Scam? Everything You Need To Know Before You Enroll (2023)

Is Kyani a Scam? Everything You Need To Know Before You Enroll (1)


Maybe you found Kyani over the internet or your friend or mother-in-law has been singing its praises and hounding you to recruit you as one of its distributors. You're tempted to join, but you're wondering if Kyani is a legitimate company or it's just another pyramid scheme/scam that isn't worth your time.

Well, you've come to the right place. In this review, I'll introduce you to Kyani, its history, and its products. You'll also learn if it's a legitimate MLM company or it's another pyramid scheme with a slick website.

So, is Kyani a scam? Read on to learn more about it!

Product: Kyani

Price to join: Business license starts at $89, while business packs range from $399 to $1,999

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Is Kyani a Scam? Everything You Need To Know Before You Enroll (2)

Summary: Kyani is a health and wellness company based in Idaho. The company offers a wide array of nutritional supplements distributors (or Kyani Independent Business Partners) can sell.

Its marketing strategy is MLM, so apart from selling products, distributors also need to recruit aggressively to earn additional commissions. The distributor enrollment fees are expensive, and the success rate is pretty low.

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What Is Kyani?

Kyani is an MLM company founded by businessmen Kirk Hansen, Jim Hansen, and Carl Taylor. The company is headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, but it also has a presence in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Kyani products are sold in European countries such as Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, and more.

The company's distributors can also be found in China, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, and other Asian countries. The company's products are also sold in South American countries, including Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico. It also has considerable presence in some Caribbean countries and some countries in Oceania.

Kyani products are centered on two rare fruits: the Wild Alaskan Blueberry and a type of apple called the Uttwiler Spätlauber. The Wild Alaskan Blueberry is prized for a phytochemical called anthocyanin, a potent antioxidant found in the skin of the fruit and gives the fruit its unique pigment.

The Uttwiler Spätlauber, on the other hand, is a type of apple that is prized for its ability to remain fresh long after it has been picked from the tree. According to the Kyani website, the botanicals found in this apple "protect the fruit from oxidative stress and inflammation brought on by exposure to UV rays, and also act to reverse the effects of this photoaging."

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Kyani offers a wide selection of nutritional supplements, including Protein Nutritionals, Triangle of Health, Fleuresse, and Potato Pak.

But there's a red flag. In 2017, Kyani was hit with a class-action lawsuit in California, with the plaintiffs alleging that the company operated a pyramid scheme. The company was also accused of illegal health claims, false labeling, foreign law violations, and other shady business practices.

Is Kyani A Pyramid Scheme?

Now, you might be wondering if Kyani is one of those shady companies that masquerade as an MLM company but is nothing but a pyramid scheme at its core.

The short answer is no. Kyani is a legitimate MLM business that has been in business since 2005. In fact, Kyani, Inc. is rated by the

BBB with an A+, and highly rated by its customers.

But while it is a legitimate MLM company, Kyani does have some elements of a pyramid scheme. To better understand why this is so, take a look at the illustration below.

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In the image above, we have a select group of people on the top tier that makes the most money. The people below (the recruits), will not earn a lot of money or worse, lose all their investment. This is what happens when you join Kyani and other MLM companies with similar products.

With Kyani, you'll need to sell their products BUT you'll need to spend a considerable amount of time recruiting someone else (a friend, a family member, or a neighbor) who will sell under you. With every successful recruit, you get a bonus and even get a nice commission when your recruit is successful in selling Kyani products.

Once onboard, the seller under you also needs to recruit others. If you're lucky, you'll earn commissions for every time the sellers under the person you directly recruited make a sale. And that commission structure, unfortunately, just reeks of pyramiding.

Although the commission structure is not as ethical as you want it to be, Kyani has maintained its status as a legitimate company because you can still make money by selling its products. But earning money by selling nutritional supplements alone is not exactly easy, and individuals involved with MLMs will tell you that you'll earn more with a lot of recruiting here and there.

Success Is Rare At Kyani

If you're going to join Kyani, make sure that you have realistic expectations when it comes to earning money and achieving success. You can still make money by selling their products, but if recruiting people to sell under you is not your strongest suit, then earning those extra commissions will be an uphill battle.

The amount of effort you put in selling Kyani products or recruiting new Kyani distributors do not matter. The factor that will determine your income is whether you're on the top tier of the pyramid or you're one of the numerous people in the lower tier waiting for those commissions to trickle down.

If you're a particularly talented salesperson or recruiter, then all you have to do is to wait for your commissions every month while selling Kyani products. But if you're shy or you're not really interested in the recruitment aspect of MLM, then you're going to have to wait a long time before you see any difference in your bank account.

Despite Kyani's status as a legitimate nutritional supplement company with an MLM marketing strategy, you can't leave your day job just yet and depend on Kyani solely.

In fact, according to Kyani's Income Disclosure Statement itself, 37.8% of active distributors only received $10 or more, while the remaining 62.2% lost money. The majority of distributors that do make money make less than $298 a month.

You can look at the picture below to check out how much people are making:

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How Much To Join Kyani?

You'll actually have several "pack" options if you're looking to join Kyani. Let's take a look at your options below.

Kyäni Business License ($89)

If you're looking to distribute Kyani products and potentially make it big by recruiting your friends or neighbors, then the basic Kyäni Business License is your first option. The business license costs $89 and includes a Kyäni New Distributor Folder and 12 Months of Kyäni Digital Suite.

Kyäni Fleuresse Business Pack ($399)

The Kyäni Fleuresse Business Pack costs $399. This pack contains a Fleuresse Serum, Fleuresse Eye Créme, Fleuresse Go Kit 3, and Kyäni Business License. It also includes 6 6 Months of Kyäni PRO. According to the Kyani website, "distributors will be automatically billed semi-annually at the discounted rate of $89.00" after 6 months. Distributors can cancel anytime.

Kyäni Nutritional Business Pack ($399)

The Kyäni Nutritional Business Pack is available at $399. This pack includes Kyani products including Kyäni Sunrise 30 1oz Packets, Kyäni Sunset 90 Count Bottle, Kyäni Nitro Xtreme 15ml 8 Pack, and Kyäni 7 Day Triangle of Health Trial Pack. It also includes a Kyäni Business License and 6 Months of Kyäni PRO. Distributors will be billed automatically semi-annually ($89) after 6 months.

Kyäni Fleuresse Business Builder Pack ($599)

Distributors can get the Kyäni Fleuresse Business Builder Pack at $599. This pricey kit includes Fleuresse Eye Créme, Fleuresse Sample Kit, Fleuresse Go Kit 5, Fleuresse Skin Care System, and a Kyäni Business License. You'll have access to Kyäni PRO for 6 months, but you'll need to pay $89 after a 6-month period. This fee will be billed automatically semi-annually unless you cancel.

Kyäni Builder Pack ($599)

The Kyäni Builder Pack comes with a $599 price tag. This pack includes Kyäni Sunrise 30 1oz Packets, Kyäni Sunset 90 Count Bottle, Kyäni Sunset 30 Packets, and Kyäni Nitro FX 15ml 8 Pack. You'll also find the Kyäni Nitro Xtreme 15ml 8 Pack, HL5, and Fit20. You will officially be a Kyani distributor as a business license is also included in the package. With 6-month access to Kyani PRO.

Kyäni Ultimate Builder Pack ($899)

Distributors willing to stake their money with Kyani products can also purchase the Kyäni Ultimate Builder Pack. It is available at $899 per pack. This kit includes Kyäni Sunrise 30 1oz Packets, Kyäni Sunset 90 Count Bottle, Kyäni Nitro FX, and Kyäni Nitro FX 15ml 8 Pack. Apart from those products, distributors can also sample the Kyäni Nitro Xtreme, Kyäni Nitro Xtreme 15ml, HL5, Fit20, and Fleuresse Go Kit 5. It also includes a Kyäni Business License,
6 Months of Kyäni PRO, and 6 Months of Kyäni Prime.

Kyäni 3 Month Transformation Pack ($1,299)

If you're willing to part with your extra $1,299, then the Kyäni 3 Month Transformation Pack is your best option. Each pack contains multiple Kyani products including Kyäni Sunrise 30 1oz Packets, Kyäni Sunset 90 Count Bottle, Kyäni Nitro FX, Kyäni Nitro FX 15ml 8 Pack, and Kyäni Nitro Xtreme. This kit also contains Kyäni Nitro Xtreme 15ml 8 Pack, HL5, Fit20, and Fleuresse Go Kit 5. Distributors also get a Kyäni Business License, 6 Months of Kyäni PRO, and 6 Months of Kyäni Prime.

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Kyäni 6 Month Transformation Pack ($1,999)

Finally, there's the Kyäni 6 Month Transformation Pack. Would-be distributors can get this at $1,999. The price to enroll is pretty steep, but this single kit contains multiple Kyani products including the Kyäni Sunrise 30 1oz Packets, Kyäni Sunset 90 Count Bottle, Kyäni Nitro FX, and Kyäni Nitro FX 15ml 8 Pack. Each pack also includes the Kyäni Nitro Xtreme, Kyäni Nitro Xtreme 15ml 8 Pack, HL5, Fit20, and Fleuresse Go Kit 5. It also includes a Kyäni Business License, plus Months of Kyäni PRO and 6 Months of Kyäni Prime.

If you sign up to become a distributor, however, keep in mind that you'll need to sign up to auto-ship products every month (you'll need to shell out more than $200 each month) to qualify for commissions.


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What Is Kyani Compensation Plan?

If you have your own business, reaping profits is a pretty much a cut-and-dried process. But things are different when it comes to MLMs which often have complicated compensation plans.

There's really nothing unique about Kyani's compensation plan — except, perhaps, for the terms.

Kyani calls its distributors Kyäni Independent Business Partners. Once you become a Kyani Independent Business Partner, you will appear in two Genealogy Trees to track your progress within the company.

The first relationship tracker is the Sponsor Tree. In the Sponsor Tree, the system automatically places every recruit you personally enroll under you (Level 1). If your Level 1 team member personally recruits and enroll another Kyäni Independent Business Partner, this individual is automatically considered as a Level 2 recruit.

The Placement Tree, on the other hand, allows the Kyäni Independent Business Partner or distributor the freedom to place the new recruit anywhere in the downline. The Placement Tree can be as wide as you like, but should only have three levels.

So, how will a potential Kyäni Independent Business Partner earn money? By selling Kyani products of course. But more importantly, you'll need to recruit someone in your downline, and earn what the company calls the Independent Business Partner Bonuses.

There's the Team Bonus, which is a bonus you'll earn when one of your team members enrolls a new recruit.

Distributors are classified into ranks, and those who achieve the rank of Jade within a one-month period will earn the Fast Start Bonus ($200). The Fast Start Bonus distributors receive increases depending on the rank.

Use the rank chart below as a guide.

Is Kyani a Scam? Everything You Need To Know Before You Enroll (6)

Kyani Independent Business Partners can also earn bonuses through the Power Play scheme, Kyani PayGate Accumulator, and Generation Check Match. Apart from the monetary reward, the company also offers incentives such as cars and trips.

For a more detailed discussion about the Kyani Compensation Plan, check out the video below.

What Products Does Kyani Offer?

Kyani offers three product lines: the Triangle of Health, Kyäni Fleuresse, and Potato Pak.

Kyani Triangle of Health

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Under the Kyani Triangle of Health, there's the Kyani Sunrise, Kyäni Sunset, and Kyäni Nitro. According to the website, the Kyani Sunrise products are ideally consumed in the morning (hence, the name). Each packet or bottle contains antioxidants (extracted from the wild Alaskan blueberry), vitamins, minerals, and extracts from 22 superfoods.

The Kyani Sunset is consumed before bedtime. Each capsule is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and tocotrienols (a form of vitamin E). The omega-3 fatty acids are harvested from wild Alaskan salmon.

There's also the Kyani Nitro, a product loaded with nitric oxide extracted from the noni fruit. According to Kyani, nitric oxide "promotes healthy circulations and helps ensure your body’s ability to absorb nutrients."

Kyäni Fleuresse

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Apart from products that can be consumed, Kyani has also ventured into skin care with the Kyäni Fleuresse. There's the Fleuresse Boosting Cleanser that Kyani claims is rich in vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. The Fleuresse Serum is claimed to combat premature aging with the help of stem cell extracts from the Swiss Apple plant.

Kyani business partners can also sell the Fleuresse Day Brightening Crème which Kyani has formulated to hydrate the skin and get rid of wrinkles. Then there's the Fleuresse Night Crème and the Fleuresse Eye Crème which Kyani claims nourishes the skin as the user sleeps.

Kyani Protein Nutritionals

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(Video) Is Kyani A Scam? - Why I Left The MLM Business

The Kyani Protein Nutritionals was created to combat nutritional deficiencies that come with aging. Kyani offers two products under this category: the FIT20 and the HL5. The FIT20 contains protein isolate and collage. Kyani claims that this product is ideal for people who want a quicker workout recovery, build lean muscle, improve joint health, and more.

The HL5, meanwhile, contains amino acids, peptides, and other essential proteins. The product was designed for people who lead an active lifestyle and want to be as healthy even as they hit middle age and beyond.

Kyani Potato Pak

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The Kyani Potato Pak is another product that was created by the company's Scientific Advisory Board. This calorie-rich, ready-to-eat food can be purchased by Kyani Business Partners or customers and donated on their own to people in remote or disaster-stricken communities in several countries. The customers and business partners can also opt to donate the products to Kyani's own charity, Caring Hands.

Click here if you want a more in-depth look at Kyani's products.


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What I Like About Kyani

Kyani is an MLM company and personally, I do not recommend it. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't have any redeeming qualities. Here are a couple of Kyani's stronger points.

* It is a well-established company with an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau®

Kyani has been selling nutritional supplements since 2005, and it is still going strong. Despite its MLM marketing strategy, it has received an A+ rating and has a stellar reputation among business partners and customers.

* Relatively wide selection of nutritional supplements and skin care products that you can actually sell

Unlike other MLM companies, Kyani has a wide selection of products. You can actually focus on selling these products if that is what you want and leave the recruitment to other Kyani business partners. Plus, the ingredients are nutritious and all-natural.

* Enrollment packs available in different price options

Individuals can choose from different price options when they enroll as a Kyani business partner. The business license is available at $89 for those who are on a budget, while those who want to splurge can spend as much as $1,999 for a Kyani 6 month Transformation Pack.

What I Don't Like About Kyani

* Pricey products

Just like other MLM products, Kyani products tend to be expensive and you will need to be a skillful salesman to sell them. A single bottle of Kyani Sunrise costs $47.95, while the Kyäni Nitro Xtreme Triangle of Health Couple's Packets can cost you $ 228.95. A complete Fleuresse Skin Care System pack costs a whopping $259.95, while the Kyani HL5 will set you back at $87.95.

* High enrollment cost

A Kyani business license alone costs $89, while the various business packs costs anywhere between $399 and $1,999. Sure, you already have the products that are ready to sell and a pretty straightforward business plan, but the upfront enrollment cost can be too expensive for many.

* Compensation plan can be confusing

Kyani's latest compensation plan is 18 pages long, and it contains comprehensive, albeit complicated, ways for business partners to get paid. If your eyes glaze over when you see figures or if you find literature littered with MLM jargons sleep-inducing, then Kyani is definitely not for you.

* Success rate at Kyani is very low

Take a look at Kyani's income disclosure statement and you'll find that only a small number (nearly 2%) of Kyani business partners earn just enough money to cover monthly living expenses (minus rent). Kyani itself has stated that the individual earnings of business partners will largely depend on factors such as the number of hours you worked selling the products, market conditions, and your own skills.

Is Kyani A Scam?

The good news is no, Kyani is not a scam. It is a legitimate company that sells quality (albeit expensive) nutritional supplements and skin care products with an MLM marketing strategy.

Kyani business partners can focus on selling the products, but they can also earn from percentages from sales made by the team members in their downline.

The bad news is Kyani products are expensive, and the market is already saturated with nutritional supplements so they can be hard to sell. It can be hard to sell the products no matter how good or effective they are. That's why many Kyani business partners rely on recruiting new team members to earn additional commissions. At the end of the day, it's still MLM and this business model, unfortunately, is not your ticket out of your day job.

Here's A Better Way To Make Money

To sum it all up, Kyani is just another garden-variety MLM company and earning money using this business model is difficult.However, there's still plenty of ways to make money from home and online.

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  • I Love Kyani Products!!! They are a Great Group of People!!! Network Sales with A Lot of Support!!!


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