Need to Replace You Passport? Use Our Secure Online Application Portal. (2023)

We have been helping clients to replace their passports for over fifteen years. Whether you need to update your name, replace a lost or stolen passport, or more – we can process your passport replacement applications in as quickly as 24 hours. If you need your passport quickly and done correctly, we are the right service for you! We have processed over 1,000,000 passports to date. Apply for your US Passport here.

Starting at $109.00 + Government fees

Get Your Passport Now How It Works

Service Speeds

We offer a variety of service speeds to meet your international travel needs.

Government fees are in addition to our expedited service fee. Our passport service plans start at $109.

  • Emergency $799 1 Week

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  • Priority $599 2 Weeks

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  • Expedited $189 5 Weeks

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  • Smart $109 8 Weeks

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How it Works

Fastport Passport is a Trusted Government Registered Passport Courier Service. We specialize in expediting passports nationwide. Our online expediting process is Simple, Secure and On Time!

  • Purchase Service Type

    Select the type of passport you need, and how quickly do you need it.

  • Complete Online Wizard

    Use our platform to fill out and manage your passport application.

  • Requirements & Photo

    Take a passport photo and gather your document requirements.

  • Send in for Processing

    Speak with our specialists and they’ll provide you with a pre-paid shipping label.

Expedited Document Services

We can process your vital documents fast! Select a service option below to get started:

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  • New Adult Passport

    To apply for a new passport you must be at least 16 years old and have never had a U.S. passport, or your previous passport has been expired for more than 5 years. If the applicant is younger than 16 you must apply for a child passport.

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  • Passport Renewal

    To apply for a passport renewal you must be able to submit your most recent 10-year adult U.S. passport, which must be undamaged and issued within the past 15 years. Child passports cannot be renewed.

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  • Second Passport

    To apply for second passport you must be in possession of your current 10-year passport. Second passports are valid for 4 years and are ideal for frequent travelers who often apply for travel visas and visit countries with restrictive entry requirements.

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  • Child Passport

    To apply for a child’s passport the applicant must be 15 years old or younger. If the applicant is 16 or older they must apply for a new passport. All travelers require a passport to travel internationally, including infants.

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  • Name Change

    To apply for a name change passport you must be in possession of your current passport and you must provide legal documentation of your name change. If you do not have your current passport you must apply for a new passport along with proper name change documentation.

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  • Lost or Stolen Passport

    If your U.S. passport gets misplaced or stolen, we are able to process a limited passport replacement on your behalf. Please bear in mind that, a passport replacement is only valid for 5 years or less from the date of issuance.

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  • Damaged Passport

    To apply for a damaged passport replacement you must be in possession of the damaged passport. What constitutes damaged? Passports with significant tears, page separation, holes, altered in physical appearance or composition are considered damaged.

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  • Passport Card

    A Passport Card is a wallet sized passport, similar to a state driver’s license. However, it CANNOT be used for international air travel. Passport Cards can only be purchased as an add-on feature when applying for a Passport Book.

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Common Questions

Getting your passport can be a stressful task if you don’t know the right questions to ask.

We have compiled an easy FAQ guide to help you navigate expediting your passport.

  • What Is a Registered Passport Agent?

    A Registered Passport agent is approved with the U.S. Department of State Regional Passport Agencies to help U.S. citizens get their passports expedited. In other words, we can help you get your passport fast. Routine passport processing can take 6 weeks or longer. But using our service, we can get your passport processed as quickly as 24 hours! Applicants won’t need an appointment at a regional passport agency, so you can save time by avoiding the long lines of people all trying to get a passport on time. Applicants will still need to be seen by an acceptance agent in order to get their identity verified and documents adjudicated. Don’t worry though, there are over 8000 local passport acceptance agents across the country, so we will help you find one close to you.

  • How fast can you process a passport?

    Passport expeditors hand carry your passport application inside of a regional passport agency to secure the passport in hand as quickly as 24-48 hours. Once the passport is complete, the courier can deliver the passport to the applicant in hand the same day or use an overnight shipping company to have the passport to the applicant the next morning. Expedited passport processing usually starts at 2 weeks and can be processed as fast as 24 hours.

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  • How do I send in my application?

    Our processing times begin once we get the documents from you. Follow our easy to use instruction guidelines and Fedex the documentation as instructed or come visit us in person at our Brooklyn, NY Office or in Florida at our Boca Raton location. When using the Fedex services that we provide make sure to print the labels as instructed. We provide expedited services for passport applicants in ALL 50 STATES. Always have your tracking number available when contacting our representatives.

  • What about my passport photos?

    Passport photos MUST be included in the documents that you will send to us. Passport photos can be taken at most CVS or Walgreens locations. You can provide your own passport photos as long as they adhere to the strict U.S. Department of State passport photo requirements.

  • How much does it cost?

    The fee to expedite your passport depends on when you are traveling. Our pricing options start at $109. The government fees are paid separately.

Need more here? Visit our FAQs

Over 1,262,050 Happy Customers Since 2003.

Need to Replace You Passport? Use Our Secure Online Application Portal. (5)

Jon H. - Passport Renewal

Fastport was able to turn my application around in half the time I expected and was responsive when I simply checked in to see if it was…

Amazing! I realized last minute that my passport had expired with 6 days left until my trip (2 of them being weekend days and 1 a holiday).

Shawn W - Child Passport


The team at Fastport Passport were very responsive and helpful, we had a direct phone number and each time we called we were answered immediately…

Need to Replace You Passport? Use Our Secure Online Application Portal. (7)

Luke C. - Lost Passport

Oh My Goodness! Miracle workers! I sent them my documents at 6:00 pm on December 23rd, Sam stayed on the phone with me the whole time…

Need to Replace You Passport? Use Our Secure Online Application Portal. (8)

Tarun S. - Passport Renewal

Sam is the greatest! I found this service online after finding out some countries have a requirement that your passport does not expire within 6 months…

Need to Replace You Passport? Use Our Secure Online Application Portal. (9)

Andrew L - Passport Renewal

I was traveling to Romania in a week and I needed to renew my passport. I called this place and they told me to come in right away and that they would take care of me…

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Need to Replace You Passport? Use Our Secure Online Application Portal. (10)

Passports Expedited On Time, Everytime. Service fees starting as low as $109

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What documents do I need to replace my UK passport? ›

You'll need: a digital photo. a credit or debit card. your passport.

How do I replace my British passport? ›

To apply for British passport you must first hold British nationality. There are different ways to become a British citizen. The most common is called 'naturalisation'. Once you have attained British Citizenship, you are permitted to proceed with an application for a British passport.

How do I correct my passport application online? ›

The only way to remedy a mistake on an online passport application form after submission is by way of a written submission sent via post to the passport office. It must outline the error and its remedy and must be signed and dated by the individual named on the declaration form.

Can I use my old passport while waiting for a new one UK? ›

Your old passport will be couriered to you and your new one will arrive in a separate courier. This is to mitigate the risk of one of the documents going missing. It should be noted that even though you will receive your old passport back, you will not be able to use it again as an official travel document.

Do you have to send your old passport back when renewing online UK? ›

You must bring your old passport to the Post Office if you still have it. If you've changed your name, you'll also need to bring proof of your new name (like a marriage certificate).

How long does it take to replace a passport UK? ›

Processing times in the UK

Allow up to 10 weeks to receive your passport. There are different turnaround times if you're applying from another country.


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