Star Wars: 10 Rey Skywalker Memes That Are Just Too Funny (2023)

Rey has been at the center of the Disney sequel trilogy sinceStar Wars: The Force Awakens,when a young scavenger from Jakku left her desert home behind to chart her own destiny across the galaxy. She became both a student of the Force, a renowned fighter in the Resistance, and a role model for Star Wars fans everywhere.

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The search for her identity was at the heart of the last three films in the Skywalker saga, and its reveal in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkerproved to be one of the most exciting twists in the entire space opera. Though Rey came from an origin of evil, she chose to embrace the light side, and assume the mantle of a lineage known for its tumultuous history. Rey chose as her surname "Skywalker", and fans chose to turn the occasion into a series of memes.




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When asked about her surname by the elderly woman on Tatooine, Rey shocked prequel and original trilogy fans alike by responding with "Skywalker", granting herself a self-imposed legacy that overruled the sinister connotations of her own as the granddaughter of Palpatine. Even after finding out her family origins, she never wanted the last nameof the most reviled Sith Lord in the galaxy.

Fans felt much like Mace Windu breaking the news to an impetuous Anakin Skywalker - just because she wanted to have a certain title, didn't necessarily mean she earned it. Of course, not granting Anakin the rank of Jedi Master was but one slight that forced him down the path to the dark side, something Rey already encountered and refused to be consumed by.


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Dwight fromThe Officeand Star Wars fans have something oddly in common; both feel identity theft is no laughing matter, especially not when it comes to stealing the Skywalker name. Identity theft isn't a joke because it ruins people's lives, though in Rey's case, she was able to get away with it because all of the Skywalkers in question were gone.


The Skywalker name in truth died with Luke Skywalker and biologically with his nephew Ben Solo, who despite forsaking his lineage came from the Skywalker clan in Luke's twin sister, Leia. Whether or not Rey had any right to the name is, in many ways, a matter of whether or not fans believe the Skywalkers would have wanted her to have it.


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Rey feeling that anyone can adopt the Skywalker name, even lowly scavengers from Jakku after they prove their worth, shares a common theme with Anakin Skywalker, who never seemed to be derailed by his humble beginnings. As he so memorably boasted to Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, despite being born on the planet furthest from the Core Worlds, he'd be the first person to see the entire galaxy one day.

It was Anakin's hubris that would eventually make him easily seduced by the dark side, a trait that Rey never had to be overly concerned about. Her valiant actions of self-sacrifice were always for the sake of others, never herself, though some fans would argue assuming the Skywalker mantle was more than a little presumptuous.


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For Reylo fans anxiously waiting for the moment when Rey and Kylo Ren's chemistry would culminate in romance,Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkerdelivered with true love's kiss. The undercurrent of their relationship inStar Wars: The Last Jedi had taken an intimate turn with the introduction of not only their Force bond, but Ben Swolo.


When Adam Driver appeared shirtless as Kylo Ren in an unexpectedly steamy scene in the film, memes sprouted almost immediately concerning Driver's size, which director Rian Johnson attributed to his grueling lightsaber routines. There were many fans who wanted Rey and Kylo to have a happier ending than they received, for which this meme provides little solace.


In some ways, the thought that after all was said and done with the Disney sequel trilogy, Rey turned out to be Ryan Reynolds, might ingratiate more Star Wars fans to it. As it stands, the sequel trilogy has been incredibly divisive, with the ludicrous plot points in the films only becoming explainable (in some fans eyes) by a ridiculous reveal like that.

To many fans, Disney storytellers didn't have a linear plan for the overarching plot of all three films, resulting in a convoluted mess that suffered from pacing and character development flaws, as well as significant plot holes. Perhaps Ryan Reynolds really was their only hope.


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Though Rey didn't like the fact that she came from Sheev Palpatine's lineage, she might have given credit where it's due. The former Senator from Naboo worked his way up the political ladder to become Supreme Chancellor of the Senate, all the while pitting the Republic against the Separatists to start a war that would assure his ascendancy to Emperor.

When Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi rescued him from Count Dooku at the beginning ofStar Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith,they had no idea he wasn't in any danger.Ironically, they were in more danger being trapped with him -a Sith lord- inside the"Rey Shields" than they realized.


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While Rey might not want to be associated with Sugar Ray currently, what with the '90s soft rock band being in permanent hiatus, they were incredibly popular around the time that actress Daisy Ridley was a young child. Originally a nu-metal band, acquiring a pop sound helped them gain traction with their hit single "Fly".

Like Sugar Ray, Rey went through a number of challenges as she found her destiny, which ultimately led her to close the Skywalker saga and begin her own adventures. She also went through a name change, much like Sugar Ray,a group previously known as 14:59 and Shrinky Dinks.


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All of the major Star Wars characters go through huge changes in the Disney sequel trilogy. From Luke, Han, and Leia's transcendence after passing the torch to the new heroes like Rey, Poe, and Finn, to their own struggles with accepting the responsibility, every one of them had a journey.

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Even characters like C-3PO, who have been in every single film in the Skywalker saga, underwent massive changes. When he's seen again in the sequel trilogy he has a bright red arm, which turns out to be a gift from an Imperial droid who sacrificed his life so that Threepio could survive on a hostile planet.


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If Jakku had any sort of sport like pod racing on it when Rey was there, no doubt she'd have spent her time scavenging for parts to build her own pod. Given her natural ability to fly the Millennium Falcon, she and her Jedi reflexes would have been able to win a lot of events, and perhaps made a name for herself as the onlyotherhuman that could do it.

Anakin Skywalker held the title as the only human able to compete in pod racing up until he left Tatooine, due to the fast nature of the sport and the lightning-quick reflexes needed to compete in it. One of his competitors, Rey Quadinaros, was a particularly ineffective opponent, and didn't provide a sufficient challenge.


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As a celebrated wrestler for several decades in the United States, Rey Mysterio might as well use the Force when it comes to his amazing athleticism. While not as large as a typical wrestler, he still manages to propel himself with incredible strength and endurance around the ring, often beating opponents twice his size.

When comparing Rey to a Jedi, he'd more than likely most resemble Master Yoda, who was known for being able to defeat opponents much larger than himself. Were Master Yoda a wrestler in WWE, like Rey Mysterio he would undoubtedly be the greatest cruiserweight in professional wrestling history.

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