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Posted on January 5, 2013July 7, 2015 by tanster

Team Andy or Team Pete? • OfficeTally (1)

Since so many of you comment about this already, I thought it was time for a vote. :)

  1. I will vote, only to see what this will do to the 100% range. Andy.

  2. Not gonna lie, that’s a pretty creepy-looking picture of Pete.

  3. Andy’s too different now, Pete all the way

  4. I really like Pete, and one of his scenes with Erin, but Erin is my all-time favorite character, and I’ve been invested in her and Andy since season 5. Team Andy all the way!

  5. Team Andy! After everything that Andy has been through with Angela and his parents. Not to mention how much he has always wanted kids. Team Andy!

  6. I do like Pete, but I’m resisting a little because I feel like he’s being forced on us. I mean, come on… they’ve pretty much removed Andy at this point. We haven’t even seen him for a while.

  7. I’ve always felt that Erin ruined Andy’s character. They have zero chemistry IMO. Better characters apart.

  8. I’ve never been a fan of Andy/Erin. I mean, I know that they’re both great characters, but I feel that each of their personalities are so goofy and weird that putting them together just overloads the senses. Pete’s got that normal guy, average joe-type personality that I feel complements Erin’s quirkiness very well.

  9. Team Andy. Well, at least Team Andy from previous seasons. It’s like they are trying to force Pete on us, so therefore, making Andy stupid, rude and disappearing – but ignoring that fact, I still like Andy.
    It’s not his fault the writers are trying to force Pete on us.

  10. I think that it’s very much the Jim/Pam/Roy love triangle re-created, except if we had seen the Pam/Roy relationship develop first. This is being done to make an ironic point about how “Team Roy” was essentially nonexistent.

    Greg Daniels has mentioned debates among the writers about how to settle this; I think the debates aren’t about Andy or Pete, but if they really want to make Andy somehow comparable to Roy. It’s Pete all the way; just watch!

  11. Team Pete all the way! I don’t think Andy’s attitude is completely out of character. He’s always been moody and self-absorbed and, as one reviewer pointed out, while he’s great at grand gestures (driving to Florida, Twelve Days of Christmas), he’s not so great at the day to day stuff. We just haven’t had an opportunity to see this until now: Angela kept him on a short leash, he and Erin dated for all of about 2 minutes in season 6, and Jessica was almost completely off-screen.

    So again, Team Pete!

  12. Oh man I can’t stand Pete, it’s so painful to watch them recreate Jim and Pam. I personally hope Andy realizes who he’s losing.

  13. Team Andy, though I admit it’s getting harder to root for him. I’m curious to see whether he’ll be an even bigger jerk upon his return (which prompts a break up from Erin) or if he will be sensitive again only to discover that Erin has moved on. I would like to see them stay together and overcome this, but if the relationship does end, as many do, I hope it’s at least written well and does the Andy/Erin pairing justice. Season 9 feels out of place to me so far and downplays Andy and Erin’s story that had been developing ever since Erin joined the office in season 5. Pete is a nice guy, I like him on his own, but I am no more invested in his relationship with Erin than I was in Erin/Gabe.

  14. Team Andy all the way! I really don’t like the way he’s being demonised in season 9. What has he done to Erin that’s so bad after all? Pete has only been written-in because Andy had to be written-out for a month or so because of Hangover 3!

  15. I like Pete. He’s nice, like Jim. But I have to pick Andy. After all they went through, Andy & Erin are meant to be together. I believe Andy will realize that he hasn’t been a good boyfriend for Erin and he will change.

  16. Couldn’t have said it better myself @anberlin!

  17. Andy, but mainly because of what he was in the past, and how much he clearly loved Erin. This season they are turning him into the bad guy sadly.

  18. Team Pete all the way. Erin is also my all-time favorite character. She did have some chemistry with Andy in Season 6, but then it started to go downhill.

    Pete was an instantly likable character.

  19. I’m Team Pete – and I love Andy. But I actually like Andy better single than in a couple – always have. I’d rather watch him interacting with friends like Darryl than to see him in a romantic relationship. Plus (not to get too psychological), Andy needs to learn to love Andy first. They don’t need to make him a jerk, just a guy who’s learning that he doesn’t need to try so hard and that it’s okay to like himself (even if his parents don’t like him).

  20. I’m on team “Stop the stupid relationship drama that no one cares about”.

  21. Team Erin By Herself, or if that doesn’t happen (here’s to hoping, though), Team Andy. For me, it’s super obvious Pete is being forced on us as this re-iteration of the old Jim/Pam/Roy triangle so that people have something to cheer for again. The only super bad move the writers have made this season, IMO, except it’s obvious Pete’s going to be the loser from what Greg Daniels said before the season started re: ‘if Jim and Pam never happened.’

    I think introducing new characters in the final season of a show and then trying to make them Replacement [Character] because Original [Character] is considered ‘boring’ now falls into fanfiction territory, unfortunately. Bad enough that characters like Nellie are finally getting into the ‘likable’ groove and we’ll never see them again in a couple of months.

    To each his own.

  22. I may be the in the minority, but I’m not a fan of Erin. I think both Pete and Andy can do better.

  23. Andy started out as an annoying character but by the start of the fourth season he had become a beloved and accepted part of “The Office” to those of us who are the original fans who began watching during broadcast of season 1 and 2. The Pete character is being forced on us, and I really don’t appreciate that but Pete and Erin are better than Andy and Erin because Andy is awesome, but Erin is nutz and that would never be a lifelong coupling.

  24. “I’m on team “Stop the stupid relationship drama that no one cares about”.”


  25. Team Andy. After a few seasons, I can’t believe the show forces Pete on us.

  26. I like Pete as a person, but not with Erin.
    Andy’s been so flaky – Erin can do better, but not with Pete.

  27. I changed my mind. I have no opinion.

  28. It’s a show people. LOL!!!! I think the characters of Erin and Andy compliment each other.

  29. The old Andy, definitely Andy. But they really did turn Andy into a jackass and his complete disappearance this season leaves me inclined to say Pete. Plus I don’t think Erin and Andy work on this second run of theirs purely because of Andy’s new personality.

  30. Team Andy, but getting more difficult because of what they’ve done with Andy. Erin and Andy are just about my favorite characters, along with Dwight. They worked well and were really funny together in seasons 5 to 7 even when not a couple. But various bad episodes in S8 messed with that, though they still had some great moments (Spooked, Christmas Wishes, Pool Party). There is a lot of development and investment in these two that I wouldn’t like to just see thrown away because Helms was filming Hangover 3. Pete is a good guy, but we’re never really going to see much of what he is all about.

  31. It wouldn’t make sense if Erin got together with Pete. They have nothing in common, even though Andy is now a jackass they were made for each other.

  32. I had to read back through these comments to remind myself that I am not the only one hoping Andy and Erin will work it out and stay together. Very few people have been commenting on that since Andy has been away for so long. I am hoping that before The Office ends Andy will not only win back Erin but the fans as well.

  33. I really don’t understand why people like Pete. He has the most generic personality. People compare him to Jim, but Jim is funny and charming. Pete has no presence. I’ve been a fan of Andy/Erin since they had that awkward first kiss at the dump and it broke my heart when Andy said “I am so sorry that we have not loved each other at the same time” when he [at first] failed to win her back. I know Ed Helms has other obligations, but turning Andy into a jerk for the sake of yet more drama is so forced. I feel the same with the whole Jim/Pam thing. Stop turning my favorite characters into jerks after all that they’ve been through!

  34. How come Pete is the majority? THINK! Who went all the way to Florida just to go win back a girl he likes, ANDY. Think about the Michael-Holly relationship in Season Five they had a temporary relationship that was soon broken up. The Andy-Erin thing is kind of like the Michael-Holly thing, they both had a temporary relationship and later fell together. Besides, Andy and Erin have the same type of personality, Erin is kind of weird,same with Andy. Think about it people.

  35. I feel the same way about Pete that I do about Brian. He doesn’t belong there. They wrote Andy into a jerk and now we’re supposed to cheer for some guy who just got there? It’s the end of the series. I’d rather be excited about how the characters spend the rest of their lives than be worried that things are going end terribly.

  36. I feel like since that confidence building trip, Andy’s kind of outgrown needing Erin as a girlfriend. I like him with his ex from season 8…but I couldn’t see that happening again for obvious reasons lol.

  37. I think this triangle would be better if maybe Pete could have a significant non-Erin related interaction with somebody who isn’t Erin to round him out a bit. He’s had a tiny scene with Jim in his first episode and that’s it. Seriously, it’s been 14 episodes and the guy has no character apart from “obstacle to Andy/Erin relationship”.

  38. Team Pete all the way! I’ve always felt that Andy and Erin were a cute couple, but I hate the way he’s treated her this season. Plus, Pete’s a cutieee! Also if I don’t see the “finding her birth parents with Pete’s help” plot line I’m going to be very sad! Also, on a side note, I HATE BRIAN. That is all :)

  39. One of the problems with these stories is that they chop and change the characters’ personalities and directions so much that at some point it’s hard to care. With that characterization it’s not difficult to imagine that a year down the line (yet) another work colleague falls in love with Erin and Pete gets dumped. I long ago lost all interest in Dwight and Angela for the same reason, too much baggage in their story.

    But I really hope we don’t see all those Andy and Erin moments over the years come to nothing, and the writers salvage what they did to them in the last two seasons. Save Andy’s character, please!

  40. I’ve been a fan from day one and I don’t understand some of the comments about the writers “turning Andy into a jackass.” From the moment his character was introduced he was a jackass!

  41. Most of you have really good points about Andy/Erin, but I am going with Pete. Even though Andy drove to Florida to get Erin (which I was happy about), he has hurt her by being gone for 3 months and hardly communicating with her. Pete is a nice guy, accepts Erin, and thinks she’s adorable! ;-)

  42. #42, I couldn’t agree more.

  43. Disappointed to see what the writers did to Erin and Andy. This him going on a boat thing really killed it. I was really rooting for them since it was one of the few things I enjoyed about these past 2 seasons. I hope she and Pete end up running off to get married by the end of the series. I think they would be good to together. Andy was nasty to Erin and he blew his chance.

  44. Officially Team Neither.

    With all the contrivances, reversals, and inexplicable personality rewrites the writers have killed any interest I had the same way as they did with Dwight and Angela. Andy is such a mess I wish he would just leave the show.

    On the other hand Pete is like the puppy dog who followed Erin home. He’s basically had zero character development and pretty much only ever interacts with Erin. What do they even have in common? I can’t really picture these two still together a few years down the line either.

    I think the best season ending now would be to have Erin with her new found maturity just quit and go off by herself, to try something brand new in her life, and forget all about Andy, Pete, and the rest.

  45. Andy has been going through a rough patch with getting used to managing and his father leaving the family, give him some time and Erin and he would fall back into place. They both just need to mature a little more. That will fix it. Pete?? You mean plop? No.

  46. I like the Pete/Erin dynamic as for the first time she is with someone who likes her as she is. Both Gabe & Andy have been pushy with Erin who just thought that’s how it was. Pete and Erin can just be fun, goofy & immature.

  47. It would seem like a cardinal sin, an irrevocable wrong to take the years and seasons they built around the Andy-Erin relationship and just toss it asunder. Would the writers really do that? They are, after all, the ones who built this ship. Now can they live with sinking it? My guess is no. Andy-Erin has too much history to be sunk by Hangover 3, urgh, I mean Pete

  48. Let’s recap, shall we?


    Immature; moody; vindictive; selfish; pines for Erin when he can’t have her and takes her for granted when he can.


    Easygoing; friendly; fun; caring; appreciates Erin; cares more about her happiness than his own.

  49. The only reason I say Team Andy is because Pete just feels like a filler character, just like Clark: a guy they just threw in to replace Ryan and Kelly, and for Pete to become an obstacle in Andy/Erin relationship. But now it seems Andy is the bigger obstacle in the relationship. I know Andy was originally created to be unlikeable but he has gotten better over the seasons and became one of my favorite characters but now I can’t stand him. Erin is one of the best characters on the show and Andy has been treating her badly and Pete has been treating her well, but still Andy and Erin have that history going for them…I don’t know. Maybe Erin will end back up with Gabe? Lol. Yeah let me go with that. Team Gabe!

  50. Team Andy. It isn’t Andy’s fault the writers have discarded years of character development and maturing in order to set up a new Jim/Pam situation with an unlikeable unknown new character. Not only that but they have been hinting at it with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face. It is ridiculous to me, Andy and Ed Helms deserve better than this.

  51. Andy team FTW!!!, really after all the problems in order to go back with Erin, they will remain separate?.

    Please, give some love to Andy character… poor guy, maybe is a douche somethimes, but Michael Scott was also a douchebag with Holly and they ended up together.

    I still love the show (regardless what the haters say).

  52. “Michael Scott was also a douchebag with Holly” Are you kidding me? HOW!?

  53. Definitely Pete. The show was 100 times better when Andy/Ed was off on other business. Early on (season six right?) there was chemistry between Andy and Erin, but none since then. Pete and Erin have good chemistry. And Pete has had interactions with other characters. Mainly Clark, but to say that he’s only ever had scenes with Erin (excluding the one in the premiere with Jim) isn’t true.

    Andy long ago wasted his allotment of chances with Erin. His trip to Florida included the hideous breakup with his then current girlfriend. Badmouthing Erin as the way to sugarcoat the breakup was enough to poison that relationship for me.

  54. i agree with #50 and his take on the two men’s personalities. andy is TOO OLD for erin… and way too self-absorbed, not to mention how his character runs hot and cold. in the most recent valentine’s episode when pete said he just wants her to be happy… that’s what clinched it for me. not because he’s “whipped”, but because i think erin deserves a break in life. and gabe — i know there are some die-hard gabe fans, but i feel the life being sucked out of the room whenever he comes on the screen. ugh…not a gabe fan!!

  55. I’m like writing this more than a half year after the show ended. Time really flies. Anyway, watching reruns and I think it made the show interesting and sort of realistic. Relationships always seem good and promising in the beginning. That being said Andy/Erin always had awkward moments like it was going to end. I would’ve liked Andy to have a relationship but Erin needed someone more like herself.

    Plus, if the show had another episode or season, I imagined that the woman Andy met before he auditioned for that singing show would be his new girlfriend. Carrie Dean I think her name was. They seemed to hit it off and she helped him sneak in

  56. Pete. Andy can be pushy, and takes Erin for granted. Pete doesn’t get pushy, and really loves Erin

  57. I am on team Andy because he and Erin were always perfect together until he went away on a boat without her. I don’t know why the producers sabotaged their relationship by turning him into a huge jerk,and they obviously didn’t know what to do with Pete, so they make Pete Erin’s rebound.

  58. Team Andy. Ah…I hope there is a way to change this stupid endings of the TV shows that are already over 3 years ago. I am really discouraged to watch the show thru the end after figuring out what will be going to happen. Egh….. I really like Andy. The writers should have left him a happy man.

  59. Team Pete!
    They fit well and complimented each other nicely. It reminded me a lot of a mini Pam and Jim, but that’s probably why I liked them so much. Andy wasn’t awful in the beginning, but he was super douchey and whiny later. After three months of being insensitive like that to Erin, if I were her, I would’ve dumped him too.

  60. Team Pete! Andy left for the bahams and didn’t even ask Erin, which means that he didn’t even think of bringing her. And he expected that she would stay loyal and his girlfriend even after they haven’t seen each other for months??? I love Andy, but Pete seems so much better for Erin in many ways. Plus, he’s more her age, not that i am directly against dating older or younger people – i don’t really care about that. But any way, TEAM PETE

  61. Are you guys kidding me?!?! This is an outrage! Let me get something straight here! Pete was flirting with Erin when she told him to stop because she was still in love with andy! And Andy made so many sacrifices for Erin throughout the whole show! The writers screwed up Andy in the last season and it was tough to watch unfortunately, but Pete is so boring! Erin is goofy excited character she needs someone like Andy who easily excites her! Let’s not forget Pete and Erin we’re together a very short time

  62. Team Andy he has true love for Erin and plop is just some random guy that Erin likes

  63. Um are y’all forgetting that Andy actually got Dwight fired? Or when he subtly implied that he would do the same to Jim? Or when he refused to give a letter that would enable Nellie to adopt a child, something he should be sensitive to because his gf was NEVER adopted. I don’t really have a team preference but Andy is just a bad person. Andy has always been a self serving rich boy. Season 9 just showed us what Andy with more power looked like.

  64. Bud. This is something that I am majorly passionate about. ERIN SHOULD’VE WENT WITH ANDY. Plop was so annoying honestly. To root for Plop is basically like saying that you supported the Pam-Roy relationship. Andy had issues with his parents, hence why he went on that cruise. Erin also had problms with family. They’re the perfect. Plop is super generic and really doesn’t have a baseline for personality. Heck, even his partner, Clark, got more screentime and had more of a charater than Pete. If the writers didn’t scuff up Andy’s charater in season 8 and 9 for no reason, their relationship would’ve been fine, but they had to bring in drama, force in a “New Jim”, for the sole purpose to take Erin away from Andy. There was no reason that Andy wouldnt’ve signed the adoptation papers for Nellie, but the writers killed his carater right when they’ve finished developing him from being a jerk in the Stamford branch, so that the people were rooting for Andy and not Dwight after he found out that Angela was cheating on him.

  65. I think it’s like the Pam/Roy/Jim but backwards so andy all the way

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